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Hey there, guys. I've been a member of this community for a while, but have yet to post. I too love the Twilight Town kids, and have been meaning to write something.. but never got anything done until now. xD;

Enjoy this ficlet, okay? ^^

Title: What's a Roxas?
Rating: G
Summary: Olette's been sighing and talking about a 'Roxas'. So, naturally - Hayner and Pence go off in search to ask people what a Roxas is. [post-KH2] [implied Roxette?]
Disclaimer: Nothing here's mine, sadly. e-e;

Hayner and Pence had felt that something was missing from their town these days. Olette had been constantly sighing for no reason lately, the word 'Roxas' constantly escaping from her lips.

So, it was only natural for Hayner to ask the townspeople what a 'Roxas' was.

"So, Fuu... do you know what a Roxas is?" He had asked the silver-haired girl, a grin on his face. (Hayner may have not liked Seifer very much, but he seemed to know how to get a decent answer out of Fuu.)

The girl blinked at him, shrugging. "No."

Well, that went well. Hayner nervously laughed, thanked her for her help, and moved on.

"Ummm... Seifer?" Pence was extremely nervous, and one couldn't blame him. The black-haired boy stood in front of the Disciplinary Committee leader, a weak smile on his face.

Seifer, on the other hand, didn't think too much of Pence. (Nobody really ever did, since he looked like he couldn't hurt a fly) He raised an eyebrow, motioning him to continue.

"Do... you know what a Roxas is?" Pence finally asked, sweatdropping.

It was to no surprise that Seifer had an extremely confused expression on his face. "How the heck would I know? Ask someone else knowledgeable." He replied, blowing his bangs out of his face.

Like with Fuu, Seifer was literally of no help. As the two regrouped, they knew that they had to find a knowledgeable source. One that was extremely trust-worthy...

"Sora! Do you know what a Roxas is?"

It was much to their relief that the brunet keyblade master was visiting town. He seemed to know quite a bit about everything and everyone, so maybe he would know what a Roxas was.

Sora simply blinked, tilting his head to the side. "Roxas is a person," He replied with a confused expression on his face. "Where'd you hear his name before, anyways..?"

Hayner grinned. "From Olette. I bet he's her boyfriend..."

That brought an even more confused expression on his face. ".....What?"

Pence thought that he was confused on the whole matter, so he began to try to explain it in his own method. "Olette's been depressed lately, talking about some Roxas. So we went around town, asking people what a Roxas was."

That's when it clicked with Sora. The brunet smiled, placing a hand on Pence's shoulder.

"Don't worry," He said. "I'm sure she'll find out what a Roxas is."

At least Sora actually knew what a Roxas was, Hayner mused to himself.

As the two walked back into the Usual Spot with gloomy faces, their quest lost to the winds, it was much to their surprise that there was a blond teenager sitting next to Olette.

The most surprising thing about him? "Good evening, everyone." He had told Hayner and Pence. "I'm Roxas. What's your name?"
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