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Hi there! :D

New member! I bring you a new RP community and shamelessly pimping it, and two fics! :D

pewp_deck_rp is a multi-fandom alternate-universe CRACK roleplay. It takes place on a small island called Fiuay [pronounced fee-way]. Fiuay is, on the outside, a normal looking city crammed on a small island. However, the island is secretly the base for Captain Axel Raven. He and his crew, aboard the Pink Panther, secretly pirate the seas in search of not only gold and posessions, but new attractions for the small island of Fiuay.

Take your favorite characters from anime or video games and place them in an early-days pirate setting! You can choose to be a pirate, OR you could just be a citizen of Fiuay if pirating isn't your thing. For more information on Fiuay, the Pink Panther and the universe of the World please read the information over at pewp_deck_rp.

Our plans for this community are simple - CRACK. There's not much plot to it, which makes it easy to insert yourself in The World and Fiuay, and we center more on the roleplay aspect and just having fun. We welcome people of all ages, all roleplay experiences and we are open to roleplay newbies. Everybody's gotta start somewhere, right? The only equipment you need for this one is a sense of humor and an open mind.

We're looking for Twilight Town characters! Right now, only Roxas is taken. It'd be really cool if we could get a Hayner in here so Roxas could have a buddy. 8D All TLTW characters are needed and welcome, so if you like pirates and crack COME! :D

And now because I feel dksjfa;lkd about only plugging my RP comm, I give you some fics of the Hayner/Roxas type and the Seifer/Roxas type! 8D

[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Hayner+Roxas
[Theme] 1sentence Alpha Theme Set Master List
[Genre] General, Romance[ish], fluff [too much], angst [just a bit].
[Ratings] G-NC-17. Watch out for smex.
[Spoilers] Alll over the place. If you've gotten past the 3 hour tutorial in KH2, I think you're set.
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersakaeoko ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] jorgan
[A/N] Lots. Okay, first. Potatoes. Is that a random theme or what?? As you can probably tell, I just typed up some random shit for that one. Uhh. . . watch out for violent!Seifer and uke!Hayner. I don't know WHY but every time I think about Hayner+Roxas I see Roxas on top so. . . Haha, guh. I love these two fr srsly now! XD Almost as much as I love Axel/Roxas. That says a lot. LOL THE MOST FUN ASPECT OF THIS PAIRING: DiZ. All the way. I was thinking too much about it and I realised that Hayner is just nothing but data created by DiZ and that Roxas is probably constantly watched by him. Watch out for DiZ, kids, he's a total perv! Anyway, MY A/N IS TOO LONG and I bet these are all complete crap but I hope you enjoy them anyway. There's no plot to speak of and they are not in chronological order. I LOVE COMMENTS ♥

(Roxas followed Hayner deeper into the waves, and their fingers interlaced beneath the water’s surface where nobody else would see.)

[Fandom] Kingdom Hearts
[Pairing] Seifer+Roxas
[Theme] 5sentence_fics Table One, Set One Master List
[Genre] General~ Smut and a tiiinyyy bit of angst.
[Ratings] G - NC-17
[Spoilers] None. :)
[Author] Fic Journal → owninglamersakaeoko ← Personal Journal.
[Beta] jorgan
[A/N] Oh my gosh. I swear, Twilight Town pairings have TAKEN OVER ME! :O I ♥ them so much. lol. Uh, I'm experiencing a sort of writer's block and I'm not doing so well health-wise so my writings are going to be coming very slowly I think. ♥S AND COOKIES IF YOU COMMENT :D

(Seifer knew how much Roxas liked Hayner, but Hayner would never understand even if he tried to explain.)
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