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Late afternoon;; the Twilight Town community
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Late Afternoon//
Youkoso. To Late Afternoon;; a Twilight Town fan community.

This is a community revolving around the happenings, people, and places of Twilight Town from the RPGs; Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. The main figures of this world is the Roxas' gang consisting of Roxas, Hayner, Olette, and Pence. It is the first world you visit in the very beginning of Kingdom Hearts II with Roxas as the starting playable character.

The Name;; Late Afternoon came from the idea that Twilight Town is a place stuck between night and day. The sun never sets and it never rises. However, it looks like it is stuck in dusk or a late afternoon sky. Hence the name 'Late Afternoon'. The phrase fits, no?

Interested enough? Join!


+ Being in the latest version of the Kingdom Hearts series, we must ask that you keep all spoiler-rific content under LiveJournal© cuts. Amidst all discussions about Twilight Town and its residents, there will be a few spoilers going around.
+ Please do not go off-topic. You may go off on Kingdom Hearts, but try to stay focused on Twilight Town.
+ There will be no flaming of others' opinions or hating of things related to Twilight Town. Please keep it to yourself.
+ Be courtesy and considerate to those in the community. Surely we don't have to nag on you about your etiquette online?
+ Feel free to share fanfictions, fanart, or other works made by you in this community. Keep in mind that it must be Twilight Town related. No going off on other Kingdom Hearts places in this one. Also, be sure to rate your work accordingly so some little boy or girl won't be reading an M-rated fanfic.
+ Dropping a link or two in this community is fine, but just joining to advertise and leaving will make the sea-salt ice cream melt. Who would want that?
+ This community is meant to be open-minded, so Yaoi/Yuri/Heterosexual pairings are free to be discussed! Remember, no bashing whatsoever will be tolerated!
+ Share as much as you want. This includes icons, images, music vids, cutscenes, merchandise, posters, etc. Just make sure that it doesn't include heavy spoilers.
+ Last, but not least. Do not even bother asking to be mod.

Not too hard right?
If you have any questions, feel free to ask by e-mail.

The Usuals;;
-Name; Neme
-Livejournal; miakarinka
-AIM; xphantomaix
-E-mail; marmaladegrl@gmail.com

To be an Affiliate, just comment on the first post of this community or e-mail Neme here.